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Reservation / Booking

To reserve a car just follow the THREE (3) steps on our
In each step you will be asked to deposit some of Your personal information and booking details must be indicated. Please ensure that careful on the accuracy of your entries to us and you to enable a smooth adoption and return.

For information / questions you need to make a reservation by feeding, our English-speaking
Service team directly under the grouting Tel:
0030 2310 762780

Payment on arrival. It could not be safer

Car hire at Thessaloniki airport or hotel in Halkidiki with the most secure booking system there is: payment on arrival.

Payment on arrival means that you pay the rental car only when receiving a car in Greece (Thessaloniki airport or hotel in Chalkidiki).

With our reservation system, you need to touch at Grcar transparent no down payment and no credit cards give details over the Internet.

Payment is due immediately upon delivery of the cars. You can pay cash or by credit card (Visa or Master Card)
Last minute booking

Late bookings are to take place in less than 48 hours, are only possible under the telephone Tel: 0030 2310 762 780

The same applies for bookings of less than three days
Age of driver

The age of the driver must be 21 years for categories A, B, C, D and 23 years for the categories F and G

The maximum amounts to 75 years old

Driving license

The driver must be at least a year to be in possession of a VALID driver's license.

Citizens outside the EU need a VALID additionally International driving license.
Driver's license / ID card

At present takeover vehicle, the driver and second driver a VALID driver's license and identification card.
If no CONCESSIONAL driver's license or ID card is presented, can not take place to rent.
Faxed or Photocopied driving licenses and identity cards are not accepted.

The following insurances are included in the price

- (FDW) Fully comprehensive insurance

Theft insurance with no deductible

Fire insurance without excess

Liability Insurance

a damage) for bodily over against third parties of up to 500,000 €

b) for property damage to third to about to 500,000 €

-Accident Insurance for the driver to cover bodily harm un death in WHOLE or partial inability to 15000Euro

* The insurance does not cover theft or damage in the interior of the car contained personal belongings.

Cancellation of insurance coverage in connection with its own acquisition costs of all damages, including to third parties, enters the following items:

* Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs
* In case of hit and run, if not the following points were noted:
1. immediate notification of Grcar Car Rental
2. Accident reporting to the police
3. Documentation of names and addresses of the persons involved and witnesses
4. Car hire not remove from the accident, unless if u have been asked by GRCAR or the Police
* The vehicle was misused for illegal purposes
* Driving with an overloaded car and the license specified in the weight or load limit of the vehicle (eg, 4 belts, ie, 4 persons are allowed)
* Drive by an unauthorized person, not registered in the contract rider
* The vehicle was used for racing or other competitions
* The vehicle was used on unsuitable roads, eg Gravel roads or on the beach
* If you have violate the Greek traffic law.

THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE AND BEAR THE RENTER. Below part of the car, tires, rims (including flat tyre repair), all glass and windshield damage, antenna, locks and keys, windshield wipers, mirrors, interior trim, ashtrays, upholstery, child seats, radio / CD system, damage the engine due to improper fueling, empty battery by carelessness (eg, the headlights on the vehicle is parked)

In the event of an accident or damage please note the following points:

1. Try to remain calm
2. Please notify immediately Grcar
3. Make an accident report with the police and write an accident report
4. Write down names and addresses of all persons involved and witnesses
5. Remove the one way transfer, unless you were prompted by us or the police.

Additional insurance

There, the following additional insurance is right when you book:
- WUG is an insurance policy, the additional damage to the underbody, tires, antenna, mirror covers and an extra charge of 2 - € per day calculated for maximum 14 days

24 hour delivery service at the airport

Grcar offers 24 hour delivery service at the airport of Thessaloniki and Kavala airport.

A member of our car rental wait you at the airport after baggage claim (in the waiting room, where the friends and relatives wait ever).

Our member will hold  a sign with the name of our car rental Grcar and your name.

We ask when booking the exact arrival and Returning  time, flight number, airline, and the departure airport.

From 08:00 to 21:00 free charge

From 21:00 to 08:00 we will charge for arrival and retutrning a fee of 15 Euros

In case of delay of their flight, which leads to delivery after 21:00 clock, the fee of 15 Euro will be charged.
Delivery of hotels in Halkidiki

GRCAR delivers their rental car to almost any place and hotel in Chalkidiki.

This service is included in the price or is offered depending on the location of the place on charge.

Our staff is available at the front desk of the hotel.

If you have questions for a hotel reservation please call us at Tel: 0030 2310 762780
One way rentals

One way rentals is possible. This means the place of acceptance with the return  place are not identical.

This service costs an additional fee
Child Seats

Child seats are compulsory  in Greece and are offered by Grcar FREE.

If you require one or more child seats, you must request this when booking your rental car.

For insurance reasons you will be asked the child seats to adjust itself.

You can order the following at Grcar

Navi (with English language) is 2 e/day to max.14 days

Winter tires cost 4e/day up to max 14 days

Is paid by the renter.

We deliver the car with as much fuel has in the tank  and u have to bring back the car with the same tank level ( f.e.  1/4  1/4)


Payment is due immediately upon delivery of the cars
You can pay cash or by credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD)

There is NO DEPOSIT raised
Transport by boat

The transport by boat is possible but Requires the written permission of Grcar.
Rental outside greek borders

The crossing over a border in a different country with the rental  car of  Grcar is not allowed.

The cancellation of the booking before arrival is FREE.

The cancellation takes place by e-mail or telephone under the info@grcar.gr Tel: 0030 2310 762780

We ask u as soon is possible in case of cancellation to inform us.

For cancellation or charge after the starting of the rental period the GRCAR is not responsible.

No refunds if u return the car earlier than the agreed time or u cancel the reservation

Change reservation

You have the ability to change your reservation up to 7 days before the lease

The change may be made by e-mail or telephone on 0030 2310 762 780.

If the change affected the price should be a new reservation. The first reservation is canceled and the second reservation applies.

Changes since the starting of the lease such extension of lease, change the place of return, time shift should be made as early as possible

Any change of less than 7 days before the lease may have long delay at the delivery of your car

Force majeure

The GRCAR is not responsible for other or not being made services due to force majeure such as War, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, strikes, etc.
Customer Service

For information regarding booking, rental, you can call us 24 hours on 0030 2310 762 780 or send us e-mail at infogrcar.gr.

our english speaking service team are available to answer in your questions